Hyundai H100 Rust Complaints


Hyundai H100 Load-bin Rust Problem

 Hyundai refuses to fix the rust that developed on the loadbin of our H100. The cab showed very little rust development in the same period. The cab, I am told, is made in Korea, while the bin is made in South Africa. The two parts are clearly not being treated in the same way. The bin is fully rubberised on the inside so the rust problem has only been evident on the outside...mostly on the welded areas or on the edges of panels or drilled holes. I was sent the disclaimer attached below with written refusal to take care of this poor preparation and paint job although this obviously is not as a result of anything we have done or not done.


Correspondence with Hyundai

Dear Mark Meyer

Below mail as reference ;

Mark , I have replied to Deon right from the start (informing him that the load bin is not covered by the warranty) but said to him that I would see if Barend would be able to relook at the situation and have even stated that he is more than welcome to call Barend himself if need be .

With this said I would also need to refer you to the Service Passport (I have attached a copy of the page for ease of reference ) were it clearly states the Warranty terms and conditions .

Mark although I would not like for you to escalate this to the Consumer Council , I would need to advise that I don’t believe that they would have say over terms and conditions set out by the Manufacturer which are clearly disclosed to our customers .

Sorry I could not be of assistance to you in this regard .

Kind regards

Max Germani

National Manager Customer Care

Hyundai Automotive SA (Pty) Ltd

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Telephone 086 142 7222 // Fax 086 663 1077

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The Load Bin - The Part That Rusts 

The Cab - The Part That Doesn't Rust 

You be the judge!