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Marke Meyer: Sculptor, Photographer, Multi-media Artist 1964 -

“Figures fascinate me...especially female figures. The energy present between me and the model becomes the breath of life in my work. I am drawn to the warm-blooded plasticity and texture of flesh (the 'fleshiness of flesh') and the aesthetic of the simplest line that spirals around each figure in a given pose. I am inspired by the infinite possibilities of form achieved through using a variety of figures in a multiplicity of poses. The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground.”

Artist's History and Motivation:

Marke Meyer; 1964 – (and still very alive).

Early History:

I matriculated from Westville Boy's High School, KZN, South Africa in 1981. After spending the following two years in the army, which was compulsory at the time, I studied for a B. Sc. Agric. (Horticulture) and graduated in 1987. From here on I worked as a Nurseryman and a Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory Manager. Within three years of graduation I started my own wholesale Nursery business and successfully ran this business for 18 years while practicing art part-time. Over the last 30 years, I studied Art History privately. My special interest was figurative work and Sculpture and Photography became tools to further explore the Human Figure. With growing success as an artist I was finally able to sell the Horticultural business and set out on a career as a full time artist.

Exhibitions: (the most notable)

2003 - 2011 ColaborArt  numbers 1 to 18 - Marke Meyer: founder member of this avant-garde multidisciplinary Arts Platform

2005 Contemporary Women by 2 Men: - Marke Meyer, Everett Duarte.

2006 Access Denied - Red Eye: - Durban Art Gallery

2006 Transform - Red Eye: – Durban Art Gallery

2006 PPC Young Sculptors Awards: - Ass. Arts Pretoria

2007 ‘Walking through Walls’:– Kizo Art Gallery, Gavin Risi, Everett Duarte, Francis Schandera, and Marke Meyer

2007 PPC Young Sculptors Awards: - Ass. Arts Pretoria2008 ColaborVent

2009 Shades of Grey: - Kizo Art Gallery – Marke Meyer, Clint Strijdom

2010 Riverbend Art Gallery – Marke Meyer and Branco Dimitrov

2012 Life Force - Imbizo Gallery - Ballito

2012 Exposure - Riverbend Art & Wine Gallery - Southbroom

2013 In Touch - Imbizo Gallery - Ballito

2014 No Tomorrow - Imbizo Gallery

There are two sides to my Artistic interest:

1.) The Formal Side: This harks back to antiquity and is equally obvious in both my Sculpture and my Photographic work.

Figures fascinate me...especially female figures; I have a strange interest in the variety of body shapes that one comes across in life, as well as the variety of poses that each new figure can be uniquely employed in to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result. This quality of Form is a key consideration of any sculptor's work. Added to this there are the qualities of line, texture, medium, and the practical considerations associated with every medium used.

Knowledge of mould-making is essential to complete the sculptor’s skills as I make all my originals in clay using a live model as a reference.

Where I perhaps differ from other figurative sculptors and photographers is that I also enjoy the dynamic between the model and myself and I try to breathe life into my work with this energy. I am also drawn in by the beauty associated with the simple line that I find twisting around a figure in a certain pose. I am mesmerized by the warmth and plasticity and texture of real flesh (the 'Fleshiness of flesh'), and the way the body shapes change when placed under different stresses.

My Style of work represents a break from the Modern Art of the Twentieth Century and falls more into the Post-Modern trend where it has once again become acceptable to dabble in both figures and realism. My Style is loosely associated with 'Contemporary Realism', although I still like to infuse my work with a Conceptual edge. My Figurative Photographic work is simply a continuation of this exploration.

I also have an interest in the ‘abstractions’ taken from man-made structures. These are compositional and colour based attempts that try to re-evaluate the picture plane and in so doing find a new way of looking at familiar elements of the subject matter.

2.) The Avant-garde Side:

This is a no holds barred area. I work in many different media and across many genres too. These include Installations, Photographic Audio visuals (mostly stop-motion movies), Performance Art and Poetry.

I am fascinated by group Psychology, and how a group of people can be co-opted, as if they were the medium itself (like paint or clay), to execute a well thought out, and often scripted, Performance Art piece. To this end I have involved groups of up to 13 people in one performance art piece; up to 45 in a conglomerate of pieces together forming one whole piece; and even an entire audience of over 100 people.

I am one of the founder members of ColaborArt (an exhibition platform for 'Art across the Arts') and together with a few other founder members, have successfully staged 18 ColaborArt exhibitions.

On the 8th November 2008 we staged our first Art Mass Happening called ColaborVent

Marke Meyer Photografix & Sculpture

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