Marke Meyer Art Photography and Sculpture


Thank you for taking a look through my web site.

I am a professional sculptor & a photographic artist.

As a photographic artist, I concentrate on the female nude with an emphasis on low key Black and White images that emphasize flowing line, form and movement.

These works are aimed at exhibition in Art Galleries throughout RSA.

As a sculptor I concentrate on (you've guessed it) the female nude.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Please note that the images in this portfolio and in all the links provided  are protected by copyright law.

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Personal & Commercial Photography

Please note:

I undertake personal (with an artistic bent) from time to time.

I am more selective now and choose to do only subjects that are of interest to me.

Please contact me if you have an interesting idea or two!


For Quotations or Commissions: Please contact me on 082 818 4552 or markemeyerphotografix@gmail.com 

Sculpture editions shown are available for purchase or you may commission a specific art work done for you.

Phone: 0828184552
Fax: 0393157225
Email: markemeyerphotografix@gmail.com

Marke Meyer: Sculptor and Photographer, 1964 

“Figures fascinate me...especially female figures. The energy present between me and the model becomes the breath of life in my work. I am drawn to the warm-blooded plasticity and texture of flesh (the 'fleshiness of flesh') and the aesthetic of the simplest line that spirals around each figure in a given pose. I am inspired by the infinite possibilities of form achieved through using a variety of figures in a multiplicity of poses.  The human body, either in frenetic movement or caught at rest, remains my only playground.”